Prehistoric Toys and Models: Geologic Time Scale

The Geologic Time Scale is a representation of time based on Earth’s rock record. Using a combination of geochronology (a scientific branch of geology that determines the age of rocks) and chrono stratigraphy (the process of relating strata (rock layers) to time). Before these methods early paleontologist used the fauna (animals) and flora (plants) to determine units. The Geologic Time Scale
is to geologist and paleontologist what the periodic table is to chemist and physicist.  

Geologic Time Scale

Periods, Epochs, and Ages

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Holocene Epoch

Pleistocene Epoch

Pliocene Epoch

Miocene Epoch

Oligocene Epoch

Eocene Epoch

Paleocene Epoch

Cretaceous Period

Jurassic Period

Triassic Period

Permian Period

Carboniferous Period


Devonian Period

Silurian Period

Ordovician Period

Cambrian Period


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