Geologic Time Scale: Carboniferous Period

The Carboniferous Period

Gzhelian Age/Stage

(Late Pennsylvanian ): 303.70 to 298.90 million years ago

The Gzhelian Stage was named in 1890 by Sergei Niktin after Russian village of Gzhel.

Kasimovian Age/Stage

(Late Pennsylvanian): 307.00 to 303.70 million years ago

The Kasimovian Stage was named in 1949  by Georgy Teodorovih after the Russian city of Kasimov.

Moscovian Age/Stage

(Middle Pennsylvanian ): 315.20 to 307.00 million years ago

The Moscovian Stage was named in 1890 by Sergei Nikltin after the Russian capital city of Moscow.

Bashkirian Age/Stage

(Early Pennsylvanian ): 232.20 to 315.20 million years ago

The Bashkirian Stage was named in 1934 by Russian stratigrapher Sofia Semikhatova after Bashkirian, the then Russian name of the republic of Bashkortostan in the southern Ural Mountains of Russia – home of the Bashkir people.

Serpukhovian Age/Stage

(Late Mississippian ): 330.90 to 232.20 million years ago

The Serpukhovian Stage was named in 1890 by Russian stratigrapher Sergei Nikltin after the the city of Serpukhov, near Moscow.

Visean Age/Stage

(Middle Mississippian ): 346.70 to 330.90 million years ago

The Visean Stage was named in 1832 by Belgian geologist Andre Dumont after the city of Vise in Belgium’s Liege Provine.

Tournaisian Age/Stage

(Early Mississippian ): 358.90 to 346.70 million years ago

The Tournaisan Stage was named in 1832 by Belgian geologist Andre Hubert Dumont after the Belgian ity of Tournai.

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