Geologic Time Scale: Permian Period

The Permian Period

Changhsingian Age/Stage

Lopingian (Late Permian): 254.14 to 252.902 million years ago

The Changhsingian Stage was named in 1970 after Changsing Limestone of Changxing in northern Zhejiang, China.

Wuchiapingian Age/Stage

Lopingian (Late Permian): 259.51 to 254.14 million years ago

The Wuchiapingian Stage was named in 1962 after the Lopingian Series of southwestern China was divided in the Changhsingian and Wuchiapingian Formations.

Capitanian Age/Stage

Guadalupian (Middle Permian): 264.28 to 259.51 million years ago

The Capitanian Stage was named in 1904 by George Burr Richardson after the Capitan Reef in the Guadalupe Mountains of west Texas, United States.

Wordian Age/Stage

Guadalupian (Middle Permian): 266.90 to 264.28 million years ago

The Wordian Stage was named in 1916 by Johan August Udden after the Word Formation of the North American Permian Basin.

Roadian Age/Stage

Guadalupian (Middle Permian): 273.01 to 266.90 million years ago

The Roadian Stage was named in 1968 after Road Canyon Formation in Brewster County, Texas.

Kungurian Age/Stage

Cisuralian (Early Permian): 283.50 to 273.01 million years ago

The Kungurian Stage was named in 1890 by Russian geologist Alexandr Antonovich Stukenberg after the Russian city of Kungur in Perm Krai.

Artinskian Age/Stage

Cisuralian (Early Permian): 290.10 to 283.50 million years ago

The Artinskian Stage was named in 1874 by Alexander Karpinsky after the Russian city of Arti (formerly Artinsk) in the southern Ural Mountains.

Sakmarian Age/Stage

Cisuralian (Early Permian): 293.52 to 290.10 million years ago

The Sakmarian Stage was named in 1874 by Alexander Karpinsky after a tributary to the Ural River, the Sakmarian River in the Ural Mountains.

Asselian Age/Stage

Cisuralian (Early Permian): 298.9 to 293.52 million years ago

The Asselian Stage was named in 1954 by Russian stratigrapher V.E. Ruzhenchev after the Assel River in the southern Ural Mountains of Kazakhstan and Bashkortostan.

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