Geologic Time Scale: Triassic Period

The Triassic Period

Rhaetian Age/Stage

Late Triassic: 208.5 to 201.3 million years ago

The Rhaetian Stage was named in 1856 by German paleontologist Albert Oppel and Austrian geologist Eduard Suess, after the Rhaetian Alps. This mountain chain stretches over parts of eastern Switzerland, northern Italy, and western Austria. 

Norian Age/Stage

Late Triassic: 227.0 to 208.5 million years ago

The Norian Stage was named in 1869 by Austrian geologist Edmund Mojsisovis von Mojsvar after the Nori Alps in Austria.

Carnian Age/Stage

Late Triassic: 237.0 to 227.0 million years ago

The Carnian Stage was named in 1869 by Austrian geologist Edmund Mojsisovis von Mojsvar after either the Carnic Alps or the Austrian region of Carinthia, or the Carnia historical region in northwestern Italy.

Ladinian Age/Stage

Middle Triassic: 242.0 to 237.0 million years ago

The Ladinian Stage was named in 1892 by Austrian geologist Alexander Bittner after the Ladin people that live in the Italian Alps. Near the Dolomites then parts of Austria-Hungary.

Anisian Age/Stage

Middle Triassic: 247.2 to 242.0 million years ago

The Anisian Stage was named in 1895 by Austrian geologist Wilhelm Heinrich Waagen and Carl Diener after the Latin name of the river Enns.

Olenekian Age/Stage

Early Triassic: 251.2 to 247.2 million years ago

The Olenekian Stage was named in 1865 by Russian stratigraphers after Olenek in Siberia.

Induan Age/Stage

Early Triassic: 251.902 to 251.2 million years ago

The Induan Stage was named in 1865 by Soviet paleontologist Lubov D. Kiparisova and Yurij N. Popov after the Indus River.

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