Prehistoric Models: Herrerasaurs

Herrerasaurs look like the predatory theropods at first glance, but are missing certain key features in their anatomy to be classified as such. The Herrerasurs are also considered to be basal dinosaurs, closer to the base of the family tree. The most famous member of the group is of course Herrerasaurus


Kingdom: Animalia – Phylum: Chordata – Class: Reptilia – Clade: Dinosauria – Clade: Eusaurischia – Order: (Not a Theropod)


Genus: Herrerasaurus “Herrera’s lizard”
Genus pronounced: Her-rare-rh-sore-us
Species: H. ischigualastensis (type)
Named by: Osvaldo Reig – 1963
Classification: Family: Herrerasauridae
Time: Late Triassic (Ladinian to early Carnian)
Locality: Argentina, San Juan Province – Ischigualasto Formation
Size: 3 to 6 meters long
Diet: Carnivore

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