Prehistoric Models: Placodonts

Placodontia meaning “tablet teeth” are Triassic age marine reptiles that are classified as Sauropterygia meaning “lizard flippers”, related to plesiosaurs and pliosaurs. Placodonts have been found in China, Europe, Middle East, and North Africa. Fossil remains show Placodonts were generally three to six feet long, with the largest being a little under ten feet in length.

Kingdom: Animalia – Phylum: Chordata – Superclass: Tetrapoda – Class: Reptilia – Clade: Diapsida – Clade: Sauropterygia – Clade: Placodontia – Family: Henondontidae


Middle to Late Triassic Period


Genus: Henodus “single tooth

Genus pronounced: Hen-oh-dus

Species: H. chelyops (type)

Named by: Friedrich von Huene – 1936

Classification: Family: Henondontidae

Time: Triassic (Carnian)

Locality: Europe: Guermany

Size: 1 meters long

Diet: Shellfish


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