Shell Specimen: Cephalopoda

“Shelling” is a fun for professional scientist and amateurs alike. A majority of the shells below are composed of the mineral aragonite CaCO3. Many of my modern or “recent” shells have fossil relatives in my Fossil Gallery.

Cephalopoda means “head foot: due to the genral appearance of these animals. Members of this group include the octopus, squids and cuttlefish. To see my fossil cephalopods click here, or to see my model cephalopods click here. Below I have organized images and data of some of my sea shells.

Special thanks to Tina Petway, Lucy Clampet and Gary Kidder for giving me what I could not find.

Kingdom: Animalia – Phylum: Mollusca – Class: Cephalopoda

(Squid, Octopi and Nautilus)


Subclass: Nautiloidea

Family: Nautilidae

Species: Spirula spirula 

“Common Spirula”

1 in. (2.5 cm)


Subclass: Nautiloidea

Family: Nautilidae

Species: Nautilus pompilius

“Chambered Nautilus”

6 in (15 cm)


Subclass: Argonautoidea

Family: Argonautidae

Species: Argonauta hians

“Brown Paper Nautilus”

3.5 in (9 cm)


Order: Sepiida

Suborder: Sepiina

Family: Sepiidae

“Cuttlefish bone”

Data: Dance, S. Peter, Smithsonian Handbook: Shells, The photographic regognition guide to seashells of the world. A Dorling Kindersley Book.

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